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5 Things Landlords And Investors Need To Know About Renting To Millennials

  1. Millennials prefer to live near their employment and local activities. One of the biggest reasons they finally moved out from their parents’ home is to cut the time and/or expense of commuting.
  2. They grew up with modern gadgets so they seek out the latest amenities. They can afford them and are willing to pay to have them. There are even some millennial tenants who inquire as to whether the apartment’s floor plan is open enough to allow for a good Wi­Fi signal.
  3. A social space is important, and so is a single­ family home or an apartment that offers a community space for entertaining guests.
  4. Safety and security, such as double locks on doors, are essential. Plus, they like apartments in a gated community. For some, it is a deciding requirement.
  5. Nice kitchens are important. This group tends to eat out less and dine in more, so nice kitchens with nice amenities are a big requirement.