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Selling Your Home When You Have Kids


When it is just you and your spouse, or maybe you have one kid, allowing a one hour notice to show your house often will work. When you start adding in a few kids, maybe nap times and a dog, one hour becomes a really short window. Getting the kids ready, getting the house clean, and getting everyone out the door can take longer when you have kids. That is why it is alright to ask for a longer notice. Two or even three hours notice is not being unreasonable.


Plan ahead and use the following spaces. It is very common to see a garage, attic or closet full of kids’ toys and “stuff.”  Use those spaces ahead of time to store some of the clutter. It is much better to have a kids’ bedroom closet full of stuffed animals than it is to see them all over the kitchen, and dining room, and living room, and bathroom, and any other room you may have. The attic and garage are better options for storing than a bedroom closet, but if needed get it anywhere that is not in obvious plain sight.


Your new best friends! Storage bins are great because, if you need to pick up quickly, you can just scoop the kids toys into those bins, put the lids on, and everything is easily out of sight. Not only does it make cleanup easy, but as soon as the showing is over the kids love dumping the whole container back on the floor and making a bigger mess than before.


You need to get out of the house for an hour so; where do you go? How about the library? The library is great because the kids can wreak total havoc and someone else gets to pick up! There is always the option of taking the kids for a walk in the local park or the more practical option of going to the grocery store. It has to be done sometime!

There you have it. Creative tips on selling your home when you have kids.