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13 Things Baby Boomer Renters Want And Landlords Need To Know

A study estimates at 2.2 million seniors will be entering the rental market over the next eight years. This group of potential tenants desires to be less

tied down to the responsibilities of maintaining a home. Here are 1 3 things Baby Boomers want and landlords and real estate investors need to know:

  • ●  Retirees want smaller communities in areas where the cost of living is cheaper.
  • ●  They enjoy the cultural offerings, such as ballet or museums.
  • ●  Walkability scores win over this crowd.
  • ●  They want to be within walking distance to many activities.
  • ●  They love to golf, so it should be near if not within the community.
  • ●  Fine dining and higher­end restaurants should be close.
  • ●  They want low­care or maintenance­free living environments.
  • ●  50 percent are renting single­family homes with all maintenance

    and yard care services included.

  • ●  When living in a multifamily unit there should be a community room

    for social gathering.

  • ●  They want two­ and three­bedroom units for an office or visiting


  • ●  They prefer higher­end finishes in kitchens and baths.
  • ●  They have a low tolerance level for things that do not work right.
  • ●  They want wine refrigerators.
  • ●  Touch ­button window screens.